Crown & Bridges – Quex Dental Care

1.Sometimes the most sensitive way to fill a gap is to utilise fillings that already exist in adjacent teeth.These fillings are removed and matching ‘wings’ attached to the bridge which fit into the spaces.

2.Over time the gum can recede away from the crown this is known as the crown margin.The old crown can be removed and a new, deeper crown fitted to cover this area.

3.Sometimes teeth are lost.The adjacent teeth are prepared.A Bridge is made which exactly matchs the space and is fitted across the gap.

4.The broken or decayed tooth is prepared.An Inlay is made and fitted to the tooth.
White or Gold inlays are available.









A Brilliant dentist who really cares about his patients. I am terrified of going to the dentist, but my visits to Quex Road have been great, even my root canal visit, my teeth have never looked so good and i would highly recommend this dentist.

Great dentist! visited this dentist today and as always, i am very satisfied with the experience. Excellent dental care and the reception staff are second to none. Thank you

This is the best dentist my children have gone to. This dentist is very patient and puts them at ease, explains everything to them and makes them smile when we visit, the children don't feel afraid and gets the children brushing. Definitely join if you have younger children. Visited in October 2014